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About us

Monetize 100% of referred traffic- for life!

The Essociate Affiliate Network is the most powerful framework for profitable commercial partnerships on the Internet.

Patented in 1999, the Essociate Virtual Affiliate & Affiliate BuilderŪ software and system solves the three major problems associated with affiliate networks today: profit shaving, limited options for affiliate partners, and messy, redundant signup procedures.

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The Future of Performance-Based Advertising

An independent company founded in San Francisco, California in 1998, Essociate leverages over a decade of affiliate program management and domaining experience. We do not permit discriminatory, unlawful, profane, or sexually explicit material by our Affiliates or our Advertisers.

To contact us about joining the Essociate Affiliate Network: General Contact

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For administrative and billing questions: Admin/Billing Contact

Company Contact Information

Essociate Inc.
548 Market St #89706
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 750-2570
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Essociate connects Affiliates and Advertisers to increase revenue with targeted advertising.