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Advertiser Benefits

Web Merchants: Focus Your Ad Dollars

Made for the Pros, Built for Ease of Use
Our patented, user-friendly Virtual Affiliate & Affiliate Builder® software and system is the tool of choice for the savviest online advertisers. Fire up your web presence -- now.

Cost-Per-Action Advertising
You pay only for the ads that generate measurable results -- no more per-click bloating. You specify the qualifying transactions, from product purchases to software downloads to site registrations and more.

Third-Party Monitoring
Essociate is the neutral, third-party auditor of all advertiser-affiliate partnerships, ensuring the most accurate stats -- with no conflict of interest.

The Essociate Difference: Affiliate Pooling
Our one-of-a-kind, cross-platform pooling mechanism lets you go beyond your own affiliate program's webmaster list. Finally -- get fresh traffic from members of unlimited separate and distinct affiliate programs.

First-Rate Referrals
Our affiliates aren't just ordinary webmasters -- these are seasoned experts who use their site content to maximum effect. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the lifeblood of the affiliate industry -- see what they can do for you.

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Already use an affiliate program yet want more quality traffic? The Virtual Affiliate & Affiliate Builder® software and system can be customized to fit seamlessly into any existing e-commerce affiliate package.