October 12, 2004 For Immediate Release
Contact: Kendra Rivera, (415) 750-2570

Essociate Awarded Patent for Internet-Based Affiliate Pooling Technology
Affiliate Network Will Offer Webmasters Independence and Boosted Earnings

San Francisco, CA: As of October 12, 2004, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 6,804,660 to Essociate for its Affiliate Pooling technology, affording the webmaster community a means of crossing affiliate networks seamlessly via Essociate.com and its Essociate Virtual Affiliate™ & Affiliate Builder® software and system. "The originality of our affiliate pooling technology is confirmed by the October 2004 issuance of our first patent," said Evan Horowitz, CEO and co-founder of Essociate.com. "This patent is indicative of the foresight and innovation necessary to develop a unique affiliate advertising network within a complex and dynamic industry."

Essociate is poised to become an industry leader in the competitive, performance-based Internet advertising market. "Considering our tremendous respect for intellectual property rights, it is very gratifying to receive this type of acknowledgement from the Patent and Trademark Office," added Michael Landau, CTO and co-founder.

While continuing to consult for clients in IP and affiliate networking, Horowitz and Landau are projecting an Spring 2008 launch for their highly sophisticated, user-friendly system at Essociate.com. "It is modular, functional, and infinitely scalable," noted Landau. "It will be a radical new tool for cost-per-action advertisers and webmaster affiliates as the industry transitions to newer technologies."

Essociate allows advertising partners to cross existing affiliate network borders, combine resources, and monitor all of their affiliate relationships via one account at Essociate.com. With this monumental new flexibility and consolidation, merchants can increase their brand awareness, and publishers will profit from a stable, competitive revenue source that scales upward with ease.

Revolutionary features will set Essociate apart from other affiliate networks, including 100% leak-free, hardcoded transaction tracking; detailed campaign sub-tracking; twice-monthly payouts; encrypted links; personalized customer service 24-7; and real-time stats online at Essociate.com.

More information on U.S. Patent 6,804,660 is located at http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?patentnumber=6804660 or a PDF may be downloaded from http://essociate.com/patents/US6804660.pdf

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