November 28, 2007 For Immediate Release
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Essociate Launches
Opens New Market Segment in $4.5 Billion Flavored Coffee Industry

San Francisco, CA: The affiliate network innovators behind Essociate have launched -- home of the world's first (and only) flavored coffee made without harsh chemical solvents -- giving affiliate partners at access to a new "green" market segment within the $4.5 billion flavored coffee industry.

In a breakthrough maneuver, the Flavorbean Coffee Company has succeeded in completely eliminating petro-chemical solvents in flavoring its high-grade specialty coffees, becoming the world's first coffee company to Go Natural™.

While the rest of the industry relies on propylene glycol -- literally anti-freeze -- to drench beans with liquid flavors, Flavorbean has developed a proprietary technology that infuses actual flavor ingredients directly into 100% Arabica coffee beans. Flavorbean's healthy, chemical solvent-free flavored coffees, like toasty Hazelnut, creamy French Vanilla, nutty Caramel, and decadent Chocolate, are now available at

Essociate affiliates are now taking advantage of the $60 billion global coffee market in one of its fastest growing niches: flavored coffee. With referrer IDs hardcoded by, affiliate marketers get 15% of each Flavorbean sale for the life of the customer -- simply from one click-through -- even if their first visit doesn't result in a sale.

"We are excited to launch the Flavorbean affiliate program and the site because it is a first-ever product in a huge, $4.5 billion marketplace," says Essociate CEO Evan Horowitz. "The earning potential for our affiliates is limitless; they are already looking at their real-time stats dashboards at and seeing commissions spike upward on a daily basis."

Flavorbean coffee, online at, has been praised throughout the industry for its smooth palate and the robust, richer-tasting quality of specialty flavors like Candy Bar, Cinnamon Pecan Brownie, Jamaican Island, Black Forest Cake, and Chocolate Raspberry Cr¸me. Organic flavors, plush Coffee Bear sets, and the extremely popular "Flavor of the Month Club" are already selling well beyond initial projections.

While the global coffee market booms, flavored coffee is experiencing unprecedented growth. Learn more about affiliate opportunities with Flavorbean at

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