April 11, 2008 For Immediate Release
Contact: Kendra Rivera, (415) 750-2570

Essociate Opens Patented Affiliate System to All Webmasters
Legendary Innovator Offers Boutique-Level Service

San Francisco, CA: Essociate has officially opened its patented affiliate system to all webmasters, finally giving access to the airtight affiliate pooling technology that the performance-based marketing community has been anticipating for years. After a decade of private consulting and behind-the-scenes IP development, this legendary innovator is revolutionizing the affiliate networking landscape at Essociate.com.

"Payouts every two weeks, combined with hardcoded, 100% leak-free tracking, real-time reporting, encrypted links, and campaign sub-tracking make Essociate.com a very welcome addition to the affiliate marketing universe," notes CEO and co-founder Evan Horowitz. "We are incredibly pleased to open the Essociate network to new affiliates and new merchants alike."

Until Essociate, many webmasters saw it as inevitable that affiliate network providers would occasionally drop referrer links, shave profits, and report less-than-accurate stats. And--once they joined an affiliate network, they were limited to the advertising partners within the network's closed matrix, yet still had to fill out new applications for each new ad partner--not a scalable solution.

"The Essociate patent is all about crossing affiliate lines seamlessly," says Horowitz. "We created Essociate to address the concerns of veteran webmasters." Robust, personalized customer service and biweekly payouts have already generated a rapidly growing, diehard base of affiliates and ad sponsors.

CTO and co-founder Michael Landau couldn't be happier. "I've overseen the site and software buildouts with affiliates' and merchants' best interests in mind. The specs have been developed expressly to support the functional needs and technological growth of our partners." Enabling partners to manage cost-per-action advertising relationships with real-time stats, the patented Essociate Virtual Affiliate™ & Affiliate Builder® software and system provide revolutionary ease of use. The centralized dashboard at Essociate.com is updated 24-7 with real-time, user-friendly data, and campaign sub-tracking takes the guesswork out of tracking multiple ad campaign performance.

"We look forward to integrating more forward-looking concepts into Essociate.com, to take advantage of the modularity and scalability of our system," asserts Landau. "This is just the beginning." Adds Horowitz, "We're looking forward to nice, long partnerships in which we all make money together."

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