August 4, 2009 For Immediate Release
Contact: Kendra Rivera, (415) 750-2570 Affiliate Program Launch
Essociate Chosen By SnapNames For Revolutionary Domainer Affiliate Program. has announced that it is launching an affiliate program using the well positioned marketing network. The move creates a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers looking to cash in on the skyrocketing sales figures of the domain name resale industry.

SnapNames is the premier aftermarket domain name reseller, first pioneering the technology to handle expired and dropped domains nearly ten years ago. Now more than 100 million names worldwide expire and delete each year, giving SnapNames customers access to literally millions of domains the moment they come back on the market.

There is no hard cap on the price of a domain name sale which allows for unlimited affiliate earning potential as well. The new affiliate program pays out 20% of the profit on each domain purchased by a newly referred client of SnapNames. There is also a 5% payout on the profit of any domain sale to an existing SnapNames client who has been referred back to the service by an affiliate. Simple math shows that the dollar for dollar earning potential offered by this opportunity is gigantic. A single sale of a six figure domain name or the combined sales of dozens of domains at lower price points can quickly become thousands of dollars in profit for any affiliate from a single referral.

"SnapNames is a company that fits our performance based advertising system perfectly" said Evan Horowitz of "This new SnapNames offer is being powered by the affiliate marketing system we perfected for nearly a decade. Signing up at allows affiliates to leverage our experience, world class marketing tools and a unique product to generate exceptional revenue from a wide variety of traffic sources. It's a huge deal for SnapNames, for Essociate and for every affiliate who understands the uncapped value of the domain name aftermarket." has prepared numerous marketing tools for the benefit of affiliates. Page peels, banner ads, RSS feeds, Plug-ins and an innovative new campaign tool called "SnapNames IM Sliders" are all available at along with powerful statistical tracking and support options as well. To signup and get started monetizing this vibrant market for yourself, go to and create your own affiliate account now. This new program is already active and expert account managers are available to assist you as you get started.

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