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Earn 10% Commission on Aftermarket Domain Sales
A rare opportunity for affiliates to cash in on the highly lucrative domain market. HuntingMoon's 4000+ (and growing monthly) high-quality domains average $1500-$3000 per sale, and can spike into the 5- and 6-digit price range.

Online Real Estate: Infinitely Profitable
Our 10% commission leaves brick-and-mortar real estate's 3% seller fee in the dust, and HuntingMoon has one of the web's hottest portfolios, including major domains like and Imagine a $10,000 commission, or more.

No Waiting
Most unique is that all of HuntingMoon's domains are managed by one company, so domain sales can be fully processed within hours or days. No middleman means no waiting for weeks to get escrow, which equals rapid profits for affiliate webmasters. Note: Brokered ("Friends") domains pay out 20% of Net profit from sales.

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