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Webmasters: Max Your Ad Revenue

Real-Time Reports & Lifetime Tracking
The merger of real-time reporting with 100% leak-free, lifetime referral tracking is unusual -- if not impossible to find -- in an affiliate network. But with our patented Virtual Affiliate & Affiliate Builder® software and system, you can focus on the highest-yield Advertiser links and amplify your earnings in no time.

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Patented Affiliate Pooling, 100% Leak-free Network
Until Essociate, dropped referrer links, a closed matrix of ad partners, and less-than-accurate stats were seen as inevitable by the webmaster community. Not anymore.

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Advertisers: Smart Advertising Is Smart Business

The vast, performance-based Essociate Affiliate Network is based on profitable, long-term partnerships with affiliates who will position your ads for maximum returns.

Never again will you find your ads buried at the bottom of a page or on a dead-end site. Real-time reporting of site stats in a custom web interface lets you monitor up-to-date details of your transactions.

We will guide you.

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